MEXT SCHOLARSHIP (ALSO KNOWN AS MONBUKAGAKUSHO SCHOLARSHIP OR JAPANESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP, FORMERLY KNOWN AS MONBUSHO SCHOLARSHIP AS WELL) is a prestigious scholarship offered by the Government of Japan, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology to the students across the globe pursuing higher education to study in Japan. The Scholarship is offered to both the undergraduate and post graduate students (Masters and/or PHD) and is in fact divided into 7 different categories. Also, there are two routes to get the scholarship- the Embassy recommendation & the University Recommendation. (Please visit the website of MEXT for details of all categories and ways) The major difference between the Undergraduate level and Post graduate level is that to apply for the earlier one you must have a certain degree of Japanese Proficiency (which you have to demonstrate in the Japanese language exam taken by the embassy as well), while in the latter, Japanese proficiency is not mandatory. While you can find the details about each categories at the website of the MEXT itself, I will focus mainly about the process in a category I got through, the Post Graduate or the Research Category through the embassy recommendation, which refers to the students pursuing the Post graduate studies, either Masters or PHD in Japan.

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YAP Proposal #84 “Rejuvenating Declining Citrus Orchard” (Madan Poudel, Nepal)



Dark days for Citrus Growers

As a boy, I used to run up and down the hill, through terraces of sun-kissed citrus trees. Ever since I remember, I worked in the orchard with my parents planting mandarins in summer, picking up the fruits and carrying it for market in homemade bamboo basket. As I joined my Bachelors in agriculture, I realized that the most part of the farm in which I lived was disappearing, production was declining. Not only my farm, now whole Nepal’s citrus farm lies in peril and citrus grower’s livelihood is in jeopardy. Some of the reason behind the decline are Phypthopthora disease, citrus greening disease, citrus Tristiza disease, poor orchard management and low quality planting materials. These reasons of decline are bringing dark days among citrus growers in Nepal.

Farm, My Love

I am Madan Poudel, 23 years old citriculture entrepreneur. My farm lies in…

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I’d be lying if I claim that I was the most enthusiastic person to take part in the People’s Climate march, Kathmandu-2015, neither before the program, nor during the program. A reason for that probably, can be attributed to me not taking part in the People’s climate convergence that preceded the actual march, where, I believe, the major idea of the march either originated or flourished. I think so because the zests of the march I saw were either who took part in the climate convergence or the ones who were related to it by one way or another. I knew about the program- as you can guess- via the social media, The Facebook, Twitter and others, from the persons who I mentioned above. Having said that, I was also not the most sedate person in the march either, for by the time the march had actually started, I was a self-made volunteer of the program itself, although you could argue that I spent most of my time capturing the march itself via my camera.

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YAP Proposal #53: “Wine from Banana and Orange” (Suresh Simkhada, Nepal)

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Banana wine Banana wine

Production of wine from banana and orange

I am Suresh Simkhada; an enthusiastic and energetic youth of age 23 from Nepal. I have just completed BSc. Agriculture from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS, TU) and I am agricultural and environmental activist and planning to run wine industry to produce wine from fruits like Banana and Orange.

Beverage consumption is increasing day by day with change in the food habit of people. Today’s consumers are more or less health conscious and equally needs the refreshment in their daily life. Beverage products are basically for the refreshments and enjoyments from the daily drinking habit. But people also want their health upgrade or in proper condition while they enjoy or refresh themselves by drinks. And many of the beverages have fulfilled this demand though some alcoholic drinks are not good for health. So, wine industries and their products has…

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YAP Proposal #197: EduMala Mentoring Program (Dinesh Panday, Nepal)

Dear friends,
YPARD has done so much do help promote and flourish Agriculture in Nepal and across the globe. Now its our turn to help them. Please review the proposal, like and give your opinion about it.


EduMala Mentoring Program

I am Dinesh Panday, a YPARD member as Nepal representative and Communication officer at YPARD Asia and Pacific Coordination Unit. I am 28 years old and currently pursuing PhD degree in Soil Science at University of Missouri- Columbia, United States.

The YPARD, where I am working, emphasizes the importance of youth to youth empowerment by networking and provides platform for information sharing and dissemination, as well as online and offline meetings and events. YPARD Nepal is a national chapter of YPARD, established in 2012 and currently 45 members are working as a national team including different agricultural development sectors.

We know that education is important, however, there are lots of things missing in education in terms of soft skills (like, interpersonal skills). If a young professional has lack of competency, we cannot think that s/he will be able to deliver right message to targeted audience or how others can be…

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